Julia Higgins is a girl from New York, she's the youngest of five children and she's also Chris Higgins' baby sister. Back when Chris was still playing with the Montreal Canadiens during the 2007-2008 season, Julia got accepted to study at McGill University in Montreal. Graciously her older brother gave her a place to stay, but her being only 18, fresh out of high school and in her first year of university, she has more things on her mind, especially when she finds herself getting involved with one of her brother's teammates, Carey Price. After living with Carey for 2 of those 3 years that have now passed, her parents still don't approve of Carey, but now new emotions towards Carey arise and she feels the need of change in her life. The only option that she feels she's left with is being with the only person who stood by her side... her older brother Chris. Now that she has left Montreal and moved out West to Vancouver, where her brother now plays, she thinks that she's in for a new start while her brother believes history is starting to repeat itself.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

four /-/ promises.are.made.to.be.broken.

*Well I've got to say that I'm not my proudest with this chapter and it was also originally supposed to posted awhile ago... But I guess it's better to have it posted now rather then never. Enjoy.*


As we wrap up our first road game of this playoff series, winning, giving us a 3 – 0 lead. And I gotta say that it does feel good to win against the Hawks in front of their fans in their home building even though at the moment we’re all being bombarded by the media for our views surrounding the controversy about the couple hits Raffi put on Seabrook.

After we all got cleaned up and spoke with the media about tonight’s game, we all eventually made our way out of the building to the bus to take us back to the hotel. As we make our walk out of the arena, I reach into my pocket for my cell to call Jules but see that she has already texted me a few times. When I finish reading through her texts, beginning to walking through the seats … I’m about to dial her number when my cell begins to ring and a familiar name pops up on the screen.


Christopher Robert Higgins!

Ugh… this can’t be good.

“Hi Mom, how ya doing?”

“No ‘How ya doing?’ me, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“What do you mean, Mom? I don’t what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t act like you don’t know Christopher! You know what I’m talking about!”

“Actually no I don’t know what you’re talking about, so tell me.” I say trying to keep my cool, since it is my mother who I’m talking with.

“Where’s your sister?! I’ve been calling her cell phone all day yesterday and today and she hasn’t been answering. But last night I tried to called her at home in Montreal but Carey answered.” She quickly pauses to catch her breath and then continued on her rant, “And supposedly she doesn’t live there anymore, so I’m guessing you know something about this.”

I’m paralyzed I can’t say a word realizing that Julia never told Mom about her and Carey, like she promised me she would before the playoffs started. As my mother continues on yelling into my ear, I’m still silent, while I slowly making my way down the aisle to my usual seat one row in front of Max, who by the way I see is talking on his cell phone to someone as well. With a big stupid smile spread across his face, knowing him he has a girl hanging on the line back in Vancouver. As I get closer I begin to remember that back in Montreal he had a thing for Julia.

Shit! It’s Julia on the other end of that line.

Well… do you know anything of this or not!” my mother finishing off her rant.

“Mom, I’ll have to call you back when I get to the hotel, okay. Bye.” I quickly hang up my phone not answering her question nor listening to what else she has to say.

“Is that Julia you’re talking too?” I ask as I raise an eyebrow over at Lapi, as I standing in the aisle right beside him.

He nods no and immediately tries to wrap up his conversation.

“Baby, I’ll call you later.” He finishes and is about to hang up his blackberry when I reach over and grab it but the line goes dead before I have the chance to say anything.

“What the fuck’s up with you?” he yells to me taking a defence as he gets up from his seat, trying to snatch his phone away from me. I spin around to avoid his reach and make my way back up towards the front of the bus. Not knowing whether or not he’s was going to follow right behind me as I find another seat but then again, I could care less if he had the urge to punch me. If that’s what it takes to protect me little sister from getting her heart broken again, so be it.

Feeling an even stronger gut feeling that it was indeed Julia on the other end of the line, I look through his call history. My heart sinks a bit as I notice that her number is coming up numerous times, including the call that just occurred now. Without thinking about what I was doing, I highlighted her number and press send. As the phone begins to ring, I wonder if she’s even going to answer at all, but after a few rings I hear her come onto the line.

Still angry and upset about my little sister getting involved with another man who I see is no different from Carey; I just lose it as soon as she answers.

Bonjour, that didn’t take you long...

“Julia, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Chris!? … What the fuck are you doing with Max’s blackberry?”

“Never mind that; what the fuck are you doing with Max?”

“Jesus, Chris, why the hell do you care who I see? It’s none of your damn business!”

“You’re my little sister; you’re in my care now so I’d say it is my business. I should know these things!”

“My God, I am not five years-old anymore. I don’t need yours or anyone else’s protect-”

I try to cut her off but as she’s still continues to argue with me, I move onto the real reason why I’m calling her, “Why the hell didn’t you tell Mom about you and Carey?”

She fell silent for a second.

Fuck.” I hear her sigh, “She just called you didn’t she?”

“Yeah… and she called up Carey. She still thought that you and Carey were together. He spilled the beans.”

“What did you tell her?”

“Nothing; I just told her I’d call her back.”

“I’m sorry Chris,” I hear her voice beginning to crack, “I just didn’t know how to tell her. You know that; you know I’m too scared to admit that they’re right and I’m wrong.”

“Julia, you’re right, I do know that and they’ll be blunt telling you that you’re wrong, but you know what…” I pause, “It’s not your hide they will want, its mine. I’m the one who said I’d look after you and I didn’t.”

“No, you’re not at fault, I pulled you into this, I made you prom-”

“No Julia…” I cut her off as I just come to that realization, “Back when you began dating Carey, I promised to keep you safe, but I let you get hurt. So I’m just as at fault too.”

As we fall silent for a second again, we are just pulling up to the lobby of the hotel when she breaks the silence.

“I’ll call her now. I can’t keep avoiding her. I’ll let you know how it goes.”

“Good luck, love ya little sis.”

“Thanks bro, love ya too, by the way congrats for tonight.


“Oh, and kick some Chicago butt for me.”

“Ha, will do.  See you in a few days.”

“Yeah, good night Chris.”

“Good night Jules.”

We end our conversation and it seems as though everyone has exited off the bus, except for Lapi, who’s now able to snatch his phone out of my hand.

“So… I guess the cat’s out of the bag now huh?”

“Yeah, but I’m still not done with you yet.” I answer, getting up from my seat, “I’ll be watching you.”

“I won’t hurt her, if that’s what you’re worried about.” He defends himself as we exit the bus and walk into the lobby, “I’m not Carey. I wouldn’t make the same mistakes he did.”

“I’ll still be watching you, so you damn well better make good on your word.” I make my promise as I leave to the back of the lobby to the elevator to go crash and get ready for tomorrow.

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